Vehicle Loader Conveyor Loading & Unloading Conveyor

Vehicle loader complete with flexible tongue. Mobile powered belt and roller conveyor, fantastic at loading & unloading containers without the need of a dock leveller

The Vehicle Loader is a mobile twin boom belt conveyor, which is versatile and manoeuvrable. Available in a wide choice of boom lengths to suit most container and trailer sizes. The twin belt machine features reversible controls at either end, allowing them to be operated from inside the vehicle or from the warehouse floor. Boom heights can be easily adjusted to suit the loading application using the manual hydraulic hand pump and screw-jack. As an option the electric hydraulic version is available. A gravity or powered flexible conveyor tongue can be added to penetrate the vehicle making loading and offloading even faster and more efficient.

Suitable for loads over 200mm long (375mm where a flexible tongue is fitted – this can be restricted to suit small product). Conveyor rated at 50kg/m uniformly distributed load with a total maximum load of 125kg. Heavy gauge mild steel chassis with pressed mild steel slider beds, powder coated finish.

Ocon Conveyors manufacture many vehicle loading and offloading conveyors in their range, if this conveyor does not suit your requirement please view alternatives. We have the Econoloder (belt conveyor perfect for loading & unloading vans), VLP (brilliant for conveying further into vans and lorries), Telescopic Expressway (Fast unloading of container vehicles with a loading dock) & High Rise Telescopic Expressway (Fast unloading of container vehicles without a loading dock).

Product comes with 1 year warranty

Product Overview

Drive TypeFlange mounted gear box motor
Drive power (kW)0.37 kW
Frame MaterialMild steel
Frame FinishPowder coated
Frame DetailBed depth 142mm & robust chassis construction
Speed20 metres per minute (variable option available)
ControlsPanel on chassis. Stop / Start / Reverse at top & bottom
Belt Material OptionsBlack grip top – two ply, high grip PVC
Belt Width Options500mm & 600mm
Belt Boom LengthsVL1 model = 2,500mm Main boom & 1,000mm Infeed boom
VL2 model = 2,500mm Main boom & 1,500mm Infeed boom
VL3 model = 3,000mm Main boom & 1,000mm Infeed boom
VL4 model = 3,000mm Main boom & 1,500mm Infeed boom
VL5 model = 3,500mm Main boom & 1,500mm Infeed boom
Gravity Flexible Tongue Options48mm dia Skatewheel – 3,500mm open (4,000mm penetration)
48mm dia Skatewheel – 5,000mm open (5,500mm penetration)
48mm dia Skatewheel – 6,500mm open (7,000mm penetration)
48mm dia Skatewheel – 8,000mm open (8,500mm penetration)
*48mm dia Skatewheel – 9,500mm open (10,000mm penetration)
*48mm dia Skatewheel – 11,000mm open (11,500mm penetration)
50mm dia Roller – 3,500mm open (4,000mm penetration)
50mm dia Roller – 5,000mm open (5,500mm penetration)
40mm dia Roller – 6,500mm open (7,000mm penetration)
*40mm dia Roller – 8,000mm open (8,500mm penetration)
*40mm dia Roller – 9,500mm open (10,000mm penetration)
Powered Flexible Tongue Options*40mm dia Roller – 7,000mm open (7,500mm penetration)
*40mm dia Roller – 8,500mm open (9,000mm penetration)
Series options / accessoriesStandard duty and Heavy duty options
Pop out roller
Manual and electric hydraulic height adjustment options
Variable speed (Inverter) Drive — Speed 8-24m/min
Braked motor (only when variable speed fitted)
Photo cells & bar code reading
LED light for inside lorry / container
Single phase and three phase options
*indicates: can only be used in conjunction with Heavy duty model

Accessories & Features

  • Heavy Duty Model With Flex - View 1

  • Heavy Duty Model With Flex - View 2

  • Standard Duty With Flex

  • Standard Duty With Flex - View 2

  • Electric Hydraulic

  • Heavy Duty Castor

  • Manual Hydraulic

  • Photo Cell

  • Pop Out Roller

  • Standard Duty Castors

  • Various Control Function Options

  • Various Control Options

  • Loading container

    Extendable vehicle conveyor