High Rise Telescopic Unloading Conveyor

A gravity conveyor for vehicle unloading of shipping containers & trailers without a loading dock. Fast container de-stuffing for loose loaded goods!

Product Overview

Side Frame MaterialMild steel
Side Frame FinishPowder coated
Side Frame DetailChannel
Roller Diameter50mm (20mm on transfer sections)
Roller MaterialPVC in decks & Mild steel zinc plated on transfer sections and loading area
Roller Pitch65mm on high rise, 75mm on discharge track
Conveyor LengthHigh Rise = 13,500mm open & 10,000mm penetration (4,500mm closed)
Discharge track = 3000mm
Number of decks4
Product featuresHeavy duty robust chassis
High quality manufacture
Height adjustable jacks
Low inertia free running rollers
Heavy duty BZP steel loading rollers
End stop plate
Ergonomic handle
Easy to move heavy duty 200mm polyurethane castors
Small closed length – easy to store away
Can be hooked on to other Ocon conveyors
Product optional extrasVarious height options
Drop down endstop
Skid plate
Hook on extension sections
Hook on flexible conveyor

Accessories & Features

  • High Rise & Extension

  • Unloading Container Conveyor - Stage 1

  • Unloading Container Conveyor - Stage 2

  • Unloading Container Conveyor - Stage 3

  • Unloading Container Conveyor - Stage 4

  • Connecting Hooks

  • High Rise - View 1

  • High Rise - View 2

  • High Rise & Extension - View 2

  • Endstop Plate

  • Ergonomic Handle

  • Skid Plate

  • Height Adjustable Jacks

  • Extension Track - View 1

  • Extension Track - View 2