Powered Telescopic Belt Boom Conveyor

Telescopic boom conveyor. Perfect partner for loose loading & unloading. Warehouse & distribution material handling companion!

Product Overview

Ocon offer both fixed and mobile belt boom conveyors. These versatile extending conveyors are perfect for unloading and loading container vehicles quickly & efficiently.

The Belt boom offers tremendous versatility, perfect for unloading & loading vans, trucks, containers & trailers. With extensive electrical controls allowing the boom to extend up-to 18 metres into the vehicle, simply by the operator pressing a button.

The strength and robustness of this conveyor allows it to transport varied products, the smooth-running belt means the conveyor can transport small and large goods. The Belt boom conveyor can also be fitted with a electronically controlled man rider, giving the operator ultimate stress free control when loading or unloading a waggon.

Ocon Conveyors manufacture many vehicle loading and offloading conveyors in their range, if the high rise telescopic expressway does not suit your requirement please view alternatives.

We have the EconoLoader (belt conveyor perfect for loading & unloading vans), Penetrator (brilliant for conveying further into vans and lorries), Telescopic expressways (Fast unloading of container vehicles with a loading dock), High Rise Telescopic expressways (Fast unloading of container vehicles without a loading dock) & Vehicle loader (Powered belt and roller conveyor, fantastic at loading and unloading without the need of a dock leveller).

Accessories & Features

  • Action View

  • Boom View 1

  • Boom View 2

  • Electric Hydraulics & Controls

  • Gravity Infeed Option

  • Hydraulic Controls & E Stop

  • Man Rider

  • Man Rider 2

  • Various Operator Controls