Mini Conveyor Belt

Bespoke quality miniature conveyor belt . Manufactured to suit your required length & width. Available in stainless steel or mild steel!

Product Overview

Drive TypeUnderslung drive unit
Drive power options (kW)0.18 kW
Frame MaterialMild steel or Stainless steel
Frame FinishMild Steel = Powder coated
Stainless Steel = Self colour
Frame DetailBed depth = 55mm
Idle Roller Diameter Options35mm & 50mm
Drive Roller Diameter Options63.5mm
Belt material optionsSmooth top, Grip top & longitudinal – various colour options
Minimum standard length750mm
Max standard length8,000mm
Standard belt width options100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 & 400mm
Series options / accessoriesHorizontal conveyor
Straight modules
Various speed options
Variable speed control
Bespoke electrical control panels
Photo electric cells, bar code reading, emergency stops etc
Side guides – fixed & adjustable
Fixed support stands
Mobile support stands

Accessories & Features

  • Mini Belt

  • Mini Belt - View 2

  • Various Electrical Controls

  • With Adjustable Side Guides