The Best Conveyors For Unloading Containers

It’s not just during item sortation, order picking and packing where the use of conveyors makes perfect sense. Powered and gravity conveyors provide excellent, efficient and safe solutions when it comes to vehicle loading and unloading too.

Getting the goods and materials that are integral to your organisation to your warehouse and out to your customers matters, and the process should be as seamless and straightforward as your backroom operations. That’s where our vehicle loading conveyors and vehicle unloading conveyors come in.

Vehicle loading & unloading conveyors

Vehicle loading conveyors and vehicle unloading conveyors use robust and reliable conveying systems to ensure simplicity when loading or unloading vehicle and containers. Utilising a system of powered or gravity rollers or belts, conveyors for unloading containers makes the operation of loading or offloading the vehicles that serve your warehouse or distribution centre quick and easy.

They can be used to load and unload 20ft and 40ft containers and trailers, and come in a range of widths, lengths, heights and specifications to convey a selection for goods of varying weights, shapes and sizes.

Wide selection of powered and gravity conveyors

Choosing the right conveyor system for your operation can be difficult. There are a variety of factors that every organisation has to consider before making that all-important selection, including time constraints, accessible space, manual labour requirements and loading dock availability. Exploring all your options when selecting conveyors for unloading containers, vans, trucks and trailers is therefore crucial. We provide a wide selection of vehicle loading conveyors and vehicle unloading conveyors, including but not limited to the following:

Telescopic Unloading & Loading Conveyor

Manufactured by global brand Expressway, our Telescopic Unloading and Loading Conveyor works in perfect harmony with level loading docks. The design is ideal for the efficient loading and unloading of shipping containers and trailers, a fact that makes these types of conveyors for unloading containers particularly popular in logistics warehouses.

Using a system of high impact, PVC running rollers and heavy duty BZP steel loading rollers on a fully welded, mild steel frame, these gravity conveyors decrease loading and unloading time drastically as well as reduce the need for manual movements.
The Telescopic Unloading and Loading Conveyor is the culmination of more than 35 years of development at Expressway. The outcome is a loading length that’s 33% longer than previous models and one of the most robust vehicle unloading conveyors in the industry. These gravity conveyors are also accessible in a range of standard widths, open lengths and decks.

High Rise Telescopic Unloading Conveyor

High Rise Vehicle Loader & Unloader

For the fast loading and unloading of vehicles without a loading dock, the High Rise Telescopic Unloading Conveyor (also from Expressway) may provide a better solution. Popular in the logistics and e-commerce industries, these vehicle unloading conveyors provide economical and efficient options for loading and de-stuffing containers and trucks, saving time, money and labour for the organisations that utilise them.

This premium gravity conveyor features four decks in total and offers a high rise open length of 13,500mm which contracts to 4,500mm when closed and not in use. Our Expressway vehicle loading conveyors all boast high quality manufacture and height adjustable jacks for simple, seamless use. Both of the high rise and standard telescopic vehicle unloading conveyors from Expressway can also be used in conjunction with other Ocon powered and gravity conveyors.

Flexible Tongue Vehicle Loader & Unloader Conveyor

Featuring a flexible tongue, these vehicle loading conveyors provide powered systems that can be used to load and unload without the need of a dock leveller. The design uses a mobile, twin boom belt conveyor setup that’s highly mobile and versatile. Booms offer adjustable height and are accessible in a variety of lengths (from the VL1’s 2,500mm Main boom and 1,000mm Infeed boom to the VL5 model’s 3,500mm Main boom and 1,500mm Infeed boom) for the loading and unloading of containers and trailers of different sizes.

Powered flexible tongue and gravity flexible tongue options are also available so you can harness the conveying capacity you need as and when it is required. The use of a twin belt machine delivers additional versatility, with these vehicle loading conveyors able to be controlled from inside the vehicle or from the warehouse floor.

Econoloader Vehicle Loader & Unloader Conveyor

Organisations looking for a conveyor system that provides speed and efficiency when loading and unloading vans need look no further than the Econoloader Vehicle Loader and Unloader Conveyor. Already widely used within the logistics and distribution sectors, these vehicle unloading conveyors are adept at handling parcels and loose loads, transporting them with care onto small to medium sized vehicles.

Again these vehicle loading conveyors can be easily adjusted and controlled from the vehicle or warehouse for extra ease. Loading is controlled via a manual hydraulic hand pump, although an electric hydraulic version of this model is available.

Vehicle unloading conveyors from premium brand Econoloader reach speeds of up to 20 metres a minute. Various belt materials are also available (including two-ply and high grip PVC), whilst the angle of your chosen belt can be easily adjusted from 7.8 degrees to 29 degrees to suit your conveying requirements.

VLP Vehicle Loader & Unloader Conveyor

Conveying to lorries and vans has never been simpler with the VLP Vehicle Loader and Unloader Conveyor. Loose loads can be transported safely thanks to its uniquely penetrating nose over section. This feature along with its principal mobile twin boom belt makes loading and unloading possible in a fraction of the time compared with traditionally used handballing methods. The unit’s manual and electric hydraulic height adjustment, variable speed drive, and single phase and three phase options also make loading or unloading a breeze.

Fixed Gravity Vehicle Loader & Unloader Conveyor

Fixed Gravity Vehicle Loader & Unloader

For fixed gravity conveyors that won’t let you down, these vehicle unloading conveyors promise great things. Featuring a self-levelling gravity roller nose over section, our Fixed Gravity Vehicle Loader and Unloader Conveyor is particularly user friendly. Choose from a range of boom heights and lengths, and boost the ease of operations with reversible controls at either end to make loading and offloading fast and efficient for all.

Powered Telescopic Belt Boom Conveyor

Ideal for use in warehouses and distribution centres that handle loose materials, the Powered Telescopic Belt Boom Conveyor delivers an outstanding level of versatility.

These vehicle unloading conveyors can be used in conjunction with vans, trucks, containers and trailers, and feature an extensive electrical control panel that is able to extend the boom to up to 18 metres at the touch of a button. Boom conveyors for unloading containers and offloading are designed and developed for long term use to ensure an excellent return on investment for the organisations they serve.

Our robust vehicle loading conveyors provide smooth transit for small to large items as well as increased safety and control that will make every operator’s life a little easier, especially if the conveyor is fitted with an electronically controlled man rider.

Choose Ocon for your vehicle loading & unloading conveyors systems

Whether looking for powered or gravity conveyors to handle the loading and offloading of your vehicles, we can assist.

In addition to providing a diverse range of vehicle loading conveyors and vehicle unloading conveyors from the world’s best conveyor manufacturers, our experts use their 40-plus years within the industry and engineering excellence to provide bespoke solutions for your vehicle loading and unloading requirements.
Our bespoke conveyors for unloading containers, vans, trucks and trailers are only enhanced by our aftercare service. All vehicle loading conveyors (including powered and gravity conveyors) are covered by a 1-year warranty. Our specialists are also on hand every step of the way to help with installation, servicing, repairs and spare parts. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.