PVC Roller Flexible Conveyor

Expandaveyor – Mobile plastic roller gravity flexible conveyor. Concertina lattice extends into straights or bends. Height adjustable!

Product Overview

Side Frame MaterialMild steel
Side Frame FinishBright Zinc plated
Roller Diameter40mm or 50mm
Roller MaterialPVC
Roller Pitch125mm when fully extended (pitch restrictions options available for smaller products)
Standard Heights470-700mm, 580-900mm, 670-1100mm (popular size), 850-1425mm & 920-1500mm
Standard Widths300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000 & 1200mm
Standard Lengths1,500mm open – (740mm closed)
2,000mm open – (940mm closed)
3,000mm open – (1,360mm closed)
3,500mm open – (1,560mm closed)
4,500mm open – (1,980mm closed)
5,000mm open – (2,180mm closed)
6,000mm open – (2,600mm closed)
6,500mm open – (2,800mm closed)
7,500mm open – (3,220mm closed)
8,000mm open – (3,420mm closed)
9,000mm open – (3,840mm closed)
9,500mm open – (4,040mm closed)
Series options / accessoriesEnd stop plate & End stop roller
Drop down Endstop plate & Drop down Endstop roller
Connecting hooks
Mobile support stands – fully adjustable
100mm & 125mm diameter castor options
Dump Table / Impact Table
Can be joined by other conveyors to make system

Accessories & Features

  • Closed View

  • Open View

  • Height Adjustable Stands

  • Handle

  • EXP Endstop Plate

  • EXP Endstop Plate

  • Dump Table

  • Bend & Compact

  • Castors

  • 1200mm Wide